Thursday, February 2, 2012

Serious Artist Face

Have you ever noticed that when people are really focused or intent their face will scrunch up and furrow in concentration? I am pretty certain everyone does that but, if not, I can assure you that I have what I term a "serious face" when I am particularly focused on a certain activity.

However, I don't often make this face. Mainly because outside of work, I don't tend to give a ton of focus on anything that involves serious effort that isn't also equal parts silly and fun. Still, sometimes, I feel intent on creative type things. I get my "serious artist face" on and I go take deep black and white photographs or paint. Sometimes I'll even bust out some clay or glass works. 

As previously stated, this is a rare occurrence. My roommate here in DC is super talented in regards to all things artistic, particularly photography, so if you are looking for some B.A. artwork, check out her photo blogs here and here. I love all things art related, and wish I had more "serious" moments. I mainly don't have the attention span but also don't tend to believe that my "serious" art moments yield very spectacular results. 

But, I do try. Here are a few of my favorites to date...

Glazed Coil Vase (Pottery = WAY fun!)

Title: Adelle

Painting Take 4 (later covered by 5,6,7 and then fabric when I got fed up with it all looking messy)

Title: Firenze
Title: Italian Sunset

Title: Blue Fairy

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