Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photographer of the Season: Em Skow

I have decided to feature a favored photographer of mine each season. Catching this post just in time for Spring (Summer Solstice is just under a month away!) we are going to look at the works of my best friend, Em Skow, who is a photo-blogger if not pro-photographer and has caught the beauty of life through her lens countless times in countless moments.

All three of these are from Em's photo blogs

Em actually has two photoblogs, one that is over-arching on photography themes, concepts, and stories and one that is based on the premise of "a picture a day". Both are spectacular, as is Em.

For my seasonal photographers in 2014, there is going to be a unifying theme: all 4 of the photographers will have done portraits for my hubs and I in 2013. #engagement #wedding

As you can imagine, as Em knew Esquire and I so personally, her pictures were amazing of the two of us. Here is just a sampling of the literal hundreds of pictures she took of us.

Amazing, right? She plays with exposure and shadows wonderfully and is a true joy to work with. I picked Spring for her not only because it was the first season I was jumping in on and she is first on my list of favorite picture takers but also because of who she is. Spring reminds me of Miss Skow, cool tones and comfort. Sunshine coming through clouds. There is a freshness and loveliness to Spring that embodies my bestie. A soothing elegance as things burst back to life and calmness of rain. 

With all her patience and artful nature, Em is a fantastic photographer because she will wait for the perfect moment to make the perfect shot. We used the below for our save the date cards. It was a cold day at a carnival and Em was checking her camera from the last round of shots. Esquire and I were killing time between shoots and dancing together to the pop music pumping through the fair. Without missing a beat, Em picked up her camera and started shooting our graceless moves. By the time we caught on, she already had this shot on file. A perfect beaming grin, some bouncing hair, and a shining example of the kind of couple we are.

Thanks for being one of our photographers, Em! We love you and your talent continues to amaze me everyday as I flip through pictures you have taken for us and pictures you take for yourself on your pages! To all my readers, check her out! Guaranteed to love her too.

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